This Paralympian is one of the most comfortable people I've ever met. The New York Times has actually written a story on him! This interview was shot by Chris and edited by me. 
Chris and I were lucky enough to interview Olympic Gold Medalist Gunnar Bentz before he ventured to Rio for the 2016 Summer Olympics! (Yes he was involved in the Ryan Lochte gas station debacle lol)
Here I credit Chris for the great camera work and myself for the great editing ;). How happy Christy is at the end of the video really makes me feel warm too. 
I celebrated 4th of July this year like anybody else by sitting in my room and editing this video that Chris shot. 
As of today this is my favorite video that I've made for the Red & Black! Chris and I shot it, and I edited it. 
The Oconnee Greenway, despite being beautiful, took a lot of recording time in order to do its atmosphere justice. I learned a lot while shooting this with Chris, even though he did all the editing. 
As I started getting more experienced with the camera, Chris and I were able to trade off shooting while producing this video. We also divvied up the editing duties.
My first video for the Red and Black! Chris Carson handled the camera while we conducted the interviews, and I edited.
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