I still revere "The Audition" as one of my proudest works. During my senior year of high school at Woodward Academy, I wrote and starred in this short play, and directed another piece entitled Accused of Comedy (which sadly was not recorded).
Please ignore the hilarious technical inexperience in this video; I compiled these clips before entering high school! This highlight reel of my favorite basketball player ever, Steve Nash, still has my highest view count of 48,132. 

Like many nerds before and after me, I have dabbled in machinima. My friend and I created these short movies while we were in middle school!

Complete with cheesy intros and corny cuts, here is my collection of Halo 3 montages made when I was around 13. This is how I learned to edit and, by making these intros, I taught myself After Effects at a young age! 
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